November 2007

Today was the second day of Gauge Theory and Representation Theory. I understood a bit more today, and so this post will be longer and with more math.


So today was the first day of Gauge Theory and Representation Theory. I had a bit of irritation getting there (late train combined with the locals telling me that the Institute was in the opposite direction, causing me to meander about Princeton for about an hour before I found it) but I did eventually manage to make it. Anyway, on to the talks (though I admit to understanding virtually nothing of them…hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow.)


So I missed last week, and I’m missing this week. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy dealing with courses and the like. However, the week after Thanksgiving, I will be at the Gauge Theory and Representation Theory conference at the Institute for Advanced Study, and I’ll quite probably learn cool things to blog about, so expect more word from me in about a week.


Today I’m going to talk about using modern methods of algebraic geometry to automate (in large part) the proofs of statements of plane geometry. The discussion mostly follows Cox, Little, and O’Shea‘s “Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms” which is a great book to use to learn the basics of algebraic geometry with lots of examples.



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