February 2008

Ok, here’s my second talk. This one went a bit heavier on the technical stuff, and is mostly out of Geometric Invariant Theory by Mumford and Fogarty (I have access to the second edition). At some point in my Algebraic Geometry from the Beginning series, I’ll try to get to explaining all of the terms used here. Also, I’ll be getting back to that next week (hopefully) now that a big pile of my commitments have been resolved.  Also, this is technically the title of the talk, as you will shortly notice, I didn’t really stick to the topic I was intending to.


Here are my lecture notes for a talk I gave yesterday on invariants of finite groups in the graduate student algebra seminar here. Next week I’m talking about quotients of varieties by finite groups, and I’ll post those here as well. As a side note, does anyone know how to get good commutative diagrams in the parts of Latex that are available for use on wordpress?



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