March 2008

WordPress is giving me the same troubles it gave John earlier, so if you spot tex that has lost its backslashes, please let me know and I’ll correct the post.

I won’t be posting much this week, unless I make an attempt at blogging about the Derived Categories conference at IAS in Princeton.  Hopefully I’ll understand something (the first few talks have encouraging titles…the later ones, not so much.)  Well, that’s all.

Last time, we defined locally ringed spaces and I linked back to an old post where I defined the notion of an abstract variety. We’re going to talk about these objects a bit more today, including, in particular, checking that our old quasi-projective varieties are all abstract varieties. We’re heading for another nice theorem over the next couple of posts, so these next few will be rather pointed.


Sorry about February, got rather caught up in schoolwork. My posts should resume, though still not with the frequency they used to. So, anyway, we now have sheaves and their morphisms, and even some morphisms that we get when we have continuous maps of our spaces. Today, we’re going to put it all together and look at spaces with a special sheaf of rings.



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