June 2008

Ok, I’m stealing this idea from the Secret Blogging Seminar where they created a suggestions page.  So I’m doing that.  Check the pages to the right.

Does anyone have a good, easily available reference for Hitchin systems, in particular ones with marked points? I need to get a feel for them in a hurry…any help at all would be appreciated.

Ok, I just came across this proof, and it’s so cool I have to blog about it. This is not related to my ongoing series, nor is this anything to do with the conference I’m at (I won’t be blogging about this conference…though probably will for next year’s conferences).


Ok, my plans to post regularly seem to have died a horrible, horrible death as I begin studying for orals in earnest and preparing to head to a conference.  Thus, I’m just giving up.  Don’t expect much for the rest of June.  Hopefully July will work out better.  We’ll see.

Today we’re going after one of the most famous theorems of algebraic geometry: the Riemann-Roch Theorem. For it, we depart the world of general schemes and return to varieties. And not just any varieties, but nonsingular complete curves.



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