Ok, well, I’m going to be posting less, and hopefully settling into a regular schedule at some point, but the rest of the month is going to be erratic at best, with my orals being (in theory) the first week of September.  I had been intending to write up some stuff on Jacobians of Curves and Theta Functions, but davidspeyer at the Secret Blogging Seminar is doing a far better job than I could, with these two posts.

So, a few things for the moment:

  1. I’m looking for some new cobloggers.  I’ve talked to a couple of people here at Penn, about it, but if anyone out there on the wider internet is interested, get in touch with me (my email is siegelch [at] math [dot] upenn [dot] edu, or leave a comment).  I had originally wanted this blog to be a collaborative thing, and would prefer to get it back there.
  2. I’m TAing an abstract algebra course this Fall (woo! delaying teaching Calc a bit) and was curious if anyone had any ideas about how I could use this blog to help with that.  I figure that I’ve got it, so I might as well try to use it.
  3. I have a static web page! It’s here and will eventually contain all sorts of notes that I’ve taken over the years in my courses.  Other than that, it’s pretty much a link here, so far.

I believe that’s all for the moment.  Will post something more mathy in the next couple of days.

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