Yes, this is one of those stupid “why I haven’t been posting” posts.  Yes, I know it’s a cop-out.  Anyway, I’ve been writing fellowship applications this last month, and for most of them it’s my last chance to apply, so I’m rather focused on it.  The NSF is due on Wednesday, and probably after that I’ll resume a bit of sporadic posting.  However, I’ve lost my steam on the toric geometry series, so I’m going to sharply change things up and do a (mostly) complete solution to the following problem: how many rational nodal plane curves of degree d are there passing through 3d-1 points.  The short series will follow a series of actual lectures I’m giving, and will culminate with Kontsevich’s recursive formula.  I’ll even say in advance what step I’m skipping: constructing the moduli space of stable maps.  It’s long and technical anyway.  So that’s what’s coming from me, and then possibly more enumerative geometry and intersection theory.

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