So, anyone who spends much time on the internet, or else hangs out with liberal arts types, is probably aware of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month in November.  Now, if you’re a fifth year grad student or so, there’s NaDiWriMo, National Dissertation Writing Month, to try to motivate people to write their theses and get out of grad school.  So I’m considering attempting to start (even if I’m the only participant) Math Blog Writing Month.  Wherein I’ll post every day, with posts on the order of about a thousand words a day (a bit shorter than the 50k that NaNoWriMo shoots for over November, but still).  I’m going to organize my project by picking a topic and blogging the hell out of it, and to make it focus me, I’m going to pick something that I either know nothing about, or else know only the basics of, and will start near the beginning and go as far as I can in a month, ideally completing a short book.

First off, any other math bloggers interested in doing something like this? If so, I’ll create a page and link to everyone’s series.  If not, well, I’ll just be my usual crazy self and do it alone.

Second, I’ve got options on what I read, and want some input from what people would like to see.  Though I won’t be sticking to any single text, I’m going to use some texts as examples of the material to be covered.  Here are some of the options (and suggestions from the peanut gallery are welcome, as well as votes)

What should I write about in November?

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