Ok, so, I’ve been quiet lately.  Once the semester ends, I’ll probabyl start posting a bit more again (I’ll have a new laptop in a week and ahalf, which will help) and I’m going to talk about theta functions, theta divisors, the Torelli theorem and the Schottky problem, passing through some cool stuff with Prym maps first.  In fact, on the topic of Schottky, a good paper I just found, but which isn’t new, is this one by Krichever proving the Trisecant Conjecture, and also this new paper of Gulbrandsen and Lahoz, where they extend a characterization by Pareschi and Popa to finite length subschemes of abelian varieties, a very nice paper.

And, as the title said, I’ve come across a new kind of crazy entirely.  I’ve stared into the face of time cube and survived, but this…this is impressive.  Pure Math Theory is…you have to see it to believe it.  Don’t look if you’ve had your fill of cranks, though!

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