June 2010

Just a quick little thing before the conference talks start, and I’m texing in earnest, the rest of the notes I was able to take during the summer school are now posted on my Notes page, here.  They’re a bit nicer, as my computer has quite a few more latex packages than wordpress (anyone figured out a good workaround yet? Either a way to teach wordpress things like xy, or how to handle a header, or perhaps another free program that can be installed on a wordpress blog, with of course, the issue that it’s hosted at wordpress, not my own domain) that will do the trick?)

The summer school is over. Tomorrow begins the conference, including talks from such luminaries as Arapura, Illusie, Griffiths…and that’s just the first three talks tomorrow. I’ll be talking on Thursday at 17:05, and until then, it’s polishing time for my talk, and working on a new lead on the research it’s expositing. Meanwhile, today’s notes are somewhat sparse. I’d lost track of the Shimura Varieties thread days ago, and today I lost the Beilinson-Bloch thread, sadly. Hopefully I’ll work it out later, but my lack of arithmetic background has caught up with me, I couldn’t keep everything straight…well. Here’s the notes from today, tomorrow’s should be more modular:


Today was the penultimate day of the summer school. Once it finishes, there will be a conference, and things go through Friday, so all-in-all, there will be 15 days in this series. And here’s today’s notes:


And these posts are getting shorter, as the talks that I’m even attempting to take notes in are finishing. The other talks are good, they’re just moving very, very fast and given a choice between learning and notetaking, I’m choosing learning. Perhaps once this is done, I’ll make an attempt at posting blogified versions of some of these notes, making them a bit more interconnected, etc. We’ll see, if I do, it won’t be until the Fall, because right now, my big priorities are finishing writing the talk I’m giving on Thursday (my notes will be posted separately from the others) and also working on the lectures for the Math History for Liberal Arts course that I’m teaching (strictly, Ideas in Mathematics, but I’m doing something different with it). Anyway, here are today’s notes:


We just had the greatest moment of the summer school, and I doubt it will be topped. Mark Green is giving lectures and defines hypercohomology, and then mentions the musical “The Sound of Music” and quotes from it:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Then he points out that this goes on for several more verses and “The point is, hypercohomology isn’t on this list.”

So, today a few lecture series finished up, and I’ve posted notes from some of the older ones in pdfs on my personal website. And here’s the notes, which I’ll admit are getting spottier, as Griffiths is lecturing from his notes on a projector, and Kerr just goes VERY quickly. I’ve stopped taking notes for these two series.


Today was a half day, and we finished Carlson’s series. I think this afternoon I’ll clean some things up and maybe post notes from the finished series on my website, along with links from here. In any case, here are my notes:


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