I know I still have a few readers out there, and some of you are probably technophiles, so here’s a question: I’ve been considering switching from live-texing of things to a digital pen of some sort.  Anyone have any experience with these things? Know which ones work well and which don’t? Which ones may work with linux (though I do have a windows partition if really necessary)?

I’ve looked at a couple of them, and I’m really not sure what their specific pros and cons may be, and I have no real way to try them out directly at the moment.  There’s the LiveScribe pens, which require their magic dot paper stuff, which is a drawback that I’m not sure how annoying it would be, plus I don’t know how useful sound recording would be, though I can see myself maybe using it at some point.  The other brand I’ve looked at is SolidTek’s DigiMemo, which is a bit bulkier being a clipboard, and amazon reviews suggest it’s finicky.  Is there another brand I should look at? I’m mostly looking for a way to nicely digitally archive all of my scratchwork (my collection of notebooks is expanding too fast!) and also maybe taking notes at seminars, conferences and the occasional advanced course.

So, anyone? I figure that any math person who has a digital pen or has at least considered them will have a lot of the same uses in mind as me, and so I’m very interested in opinions.

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