The Giant’s Shoulders 1

There’s a new Carnival around, and I’m in the first incarnation of it.  Check out A Blog Around the Clock to see the first The Giant’s Shoulders.  It’s all about classic papers in the sciences (and mathematics…and let’s not get into the debate that raged at the Secret Blogging Seminar).  I’m the only math one so far, it looks like mostly biology and physics (and I’m betting it’s because the organizer seems to like his physics and the host is a biologist) and I think we should get in there more.  Read a classic math paper recently? Or intend to in the next month? Write a post about it and submit it.  It seems a bit unfair for Darwin, Linnaeus, Freud, and the like to be getting attention, but for MacLane, Leray, Gauss, Euler, Euclid, Cardano, Abel, and the like to get none.

So the short of it is: let’s see if we can get some more mathematical posts there, I intend to submit one every month. (also, I will be hosting it in December)

About Charles Siegel

Charles Siegel is currently a postdoc at Kavli IPMU in Japan. He works on the geometry of the moduli space of curves.
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