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A particularly lousy version of academic dishonesty

Last semester, a number of emails like this circulated: Subject: Math Requirements From: To: jstankewatbutIdon’ Dear James Stankewicz, My name is Firstname Lastname and I am a graduate student at the University of Prestigious Institution studying for my ph … Continue reading

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A new crank! And a call for examples

While I somehow never get emails from cranks, I tend to find them at the slightest provocation on the internet.  Here’s a new one: Miles Mathis, who I’ve not run into before.  He’s also a physics crank (multidisciplinary research!) so … Continue reading

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ICTP Day 15 – The End

Today the conference ended, and I’ve got an early plane to catch. I’ll be away from the blog for a bit. Here’s the notes from the last day, which, I admit, are a bit sketchier than most of the others, … Continue reading

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The Schottky Problem (ICTP)

These are my notes, and are only a rough approximation of the actual talk:

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ICTP Day 14 – Doomsday

I gave my talk today. It seems to have gone over well, though I’m not entirely happy with it…but then, as with many people, I’m my own harshest critic. Here’s the notes from other talks, the notes from mine will … Continue reading

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ICTP Day 13 – The Conference

Sorry these are going up a bit later than usual, had some difficulties last night, and was working on my talk. I’m just not taking notes whenever there are slides or lecture notes on the overhead, because it’s impossible for … Continue reading

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