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Quaternion Algebras and Modular Forms

Dear readers, I know I promised a post  on modular curves, but I had to devote more time to my end of semester project. Since it’s strongly related to the topic of modular curves and I present on it tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Pieri and Giambelli Formulas

It’s been a few weeks, but now I’m back and today we’ll talk about the multiplication in the cohomology ring of Grassmannians.  Though we won’t talk about the Littlewood-Richardson rule in its full glory, we will howver discuss the special … Continue reading

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The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch Theorem, Stated

Suppose you have a proper map between smooth (quasi) projective varieties.  Then suppose you have a coherent sheaf on .  After viewing that sheaf as an element of the Grothendieck Group of coherent sheaves on , there are two things … Continue reading

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