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Integrable Systems

As part of my project to not let orals actually degrade my sanity beyond recovery, today we’re going to do some physics! Well, kind of. We’ll be citing a lot of physics, at the least, and using it to motivate … Continue reading

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Gauge Theory and Representation Theory, Day I

So today was the first day of Gauge Theory and Representation Theory. I had a bit of irritation getting there (late train combined with the locals telling me that the Institute was in the opposite direction, causing me to meander … Continue reading

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About the lack of posts…

So I missed last week, and I’m missing this week. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy dealing with courses and the like. However, the week after Thanksgiving, I will be at the Gauge Theory and Representation Theory conference at the Institute for … Continue reading

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Hamiltonian Mechanics

Hi everybody, Well, I’m finally getting around to talking about the Hamiltonian formalism of classical mechanics. Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with The Everything Seminar, the good people over there have discussed this very topic recently (with some … Continue reading

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Introduction to Symplectic Topology

Hi everybody, In my last post, I promised that I would talk about the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formalism of classical mechanics. In order to do that, we need to first develop some topological ideas, specifically in the area of symplectic … Continue reading

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Newtonian Mechanics

Hi everybody, I was thinking that I would do a series of posts about classical mechanics from a mathematician’s standpoint. This post will be an overview of the Newtonian formalism of the subject, with some important examples so the usual … Continue reading

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Group Theory and Physics

I’m posting late yet again. I seem to be making a habit of it, hopefully I’ll pull myself together eventually, but I’m going to back off on my goal of a weekly post for a bit. For now, I’m going … Continue reading

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