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deGroot’s Problem

Recently, a lot of blogs (incited by the Everything Seminar) have been talking about the Axiom of Choice and it’s more horrifying implications. Well, I’m going to jump in on the bandwagon and present deGroot’s problem. This is essentially a … Continue reading

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More Introductions

Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m a second-year graduate student at Stony Brook University. I’ve just passed the comprehesive exams (qualifying exams at most other schools) at the beginning of the semester and will soon start preparing for orals. I’ve known … Continue reading

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Sheaves on Sites

In this post, I defined Grothendieck Topologies and gave some examples. Look there and in related links for more on Grothendieck topologies. We’re going to move on to Sheaves today. This is going to be a minipost, because this does … Continue reading

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Introducing myself

I should probably introduce myself (and start writing as well!). I’m Matt, a first-year grad student at the University of Chicago. I’m interested in algebra, geometry, and topology, but I also find various topics in theoretical CS and in logic … Continue reading

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Grothendieck Topologies

Topology. It’s something that every math student has to become comfortable with. First you get to learn metric topology (usually on ), followed by point set topology. Then in graduate school, pretty much everyone gets an introduction to algebraic topology. … Continue reading

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Algebraic Geometry – A Historical Sketch I

So, I WAS going to give a classical proof of a classical algebraic geometry theorem: that there are exactly twenty-seven lines on any smooth cubic surface. I wanted to avoid using the machinery of divisors and all the attached technicality, … Continue reading

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Group Theory and Physics

I’m posting late yet again. I seem to be making a habit of it, hopefully I’ll pull myself together eventually, but I’m going to back off on my goal of a weekly post for a bit. For now, I’m going … Continue reading

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