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Giant’s Shoulders 6, coming up

Hey all, in December, Rigorous Trivialities is hosting the Giant’s Shoulders, a carnival of posts on the history of science.  So, please sent submissions through blog carnival.  Let’s see if we can get some math in this one.

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Stable maps and their moduli

We’ve previously discussed moduli spaces a bit. The point of this is that we’ll need to understand a certain moduli space, the moduli of stable maps, in order to continue. So we’ll be starting out with moduli of stable curves, … Continue reading

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When is a variety not rational?

I also have an excuse for my absence… I’ve also been working on grant applications, job applications, my thesis, etc!  I’ll take a little time now to write more about rational varieties.  In general, it can be quite difficult to … Continue reading

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My first paper on the arxiv!

Ok, this has been quite a long time in the making (did the research years ago) but thanks to my NSF application, I’ve finally managed to push this through to the point where it’s on the arxiv.  It’s numerical analysis … Continue reading

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I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat, Socialist or Fascist (ok, I actually DO care if you’re a Fascist, but I’ve got a rhythm going here), black or white, urban or rural, whatever.  Go vote.  Today’s the day.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Posting in the near future

Yes, this is one of those stupid “why I haven’t been posting” posts.  Yes, I know it’s a cop-out.  Anyway, I’ve been writing fellowship applications this last month, and for most of them it’s my last chance to apply, so … Continue reading

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